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“Best CDR Writing” a.k.a ( is your ultimate solution to get quality CDR, RPL and KA02 reports at an affordable prices. We take the responsibility of approving your CDR, RPL & KA02 reports from Engineers Australia, ACS and Engineers NewZealand. We are working in this business from the last 5 years. We are fulfilling the market need by providing quality services to the Engineers, who ever dreamed of settling in Australia or in NewZealand.

What is CDR Report?

CDR is the Competency Demonstration Report prepared by engineering experts to have migration access to Australia. The CDR report has to be prepared professionally to earn the confidence of those assessing the reports. To get a migration visa to Australia, the only way to prove your competence is through a comprehensively written CDR report. It is presented to the Australian engineers who are certified and approved to assess the competence level of the applying engineers. After the reports are audited and evaluated, the application can either accepted or denied depending on the quality of the CDR report written.

Skilled migration to Australia cannot be made possible without a CDR report. The demonstration of competence for engineers is a requirement if the migration has to be accepted. Australian engineers are the assessing body for the application of immigrants who are looking for a chance to work in Australia. The set of documents in the CDR report has to be put in an accepted manner as the authorities expect. It is an all-time requirement that the standards of the CDR report be observed. Chances of approval for successful Australia migration are high if the accepted standards are presented.

Why is the CDR Report required?

CDR report is a very set of documents that are required by every engineer who is looking for migration to Australia. There is a need to have the CDR report prepared by experts so as to meet the accepted standards. For that reason, the various goals that it is intended to achieve will be achieved without a hustle. From time to time, competent engineers have been looking for opportunities to work and share their skills in Australia. To as many as of those whose quests have been approved, a great CDR report can be accredited to it. Below is an explanation of why the CDR report is required.

It is a requirement to get a valid passport to Australia

Getting to Australia for whatever reason is not an easy thing. One requires a good reason to move from their country to Australia in pursuit of permanent residence. Going to work in Australia is not still a walk in the park. To increase the chances of successful visa grant, it is important to ensure that the CDR report has been presented. Engineers who want to go to Australia cannot have their wishes granted if they have to present competent CDR reports that will enhance approval.

To have a travel permit in the form of a visa of passport to Australia is in high demand. Most people with different levels of skills are dreaming of getting to Australia. What they fail to understand is that there has to be value addition attached to the travel. In short, you have to add value if you will migrate to Australia. If it is an engineer for instance, there has to be something they do differently that will facilitate the approval of their visa application. The surest thing to do as a skilled engineer is to send a CDR report as it will increase the chances of success for the visa application.

It helps to show the level of skills and competence

As the name goes, Competence Demonstration Report, it is absolutely a show of skills. Not all engineers are at the same level. There are those who are skilled while others are skilled better than the former. You cannot assess the skills of one engineer or the other by just looking at them. You can also not just assume that their school credentials put them at the same level. Something else has to be done so as to evaluate the level of competence that a specific engineer holds.

The only way to assess this is by way of writing a competency demonstration report. These reports have a lot of technicalities and only skilled experts can do them correctly. In this regard, when different engineers write down CDR reports, it is possible to differentiate the skills of one from that of the other. It is, therefore, justifiable to say that each engineer willing to migrate to Australia will need a competence demonstration report if they will be approved for the migration as an engineer. If a professionally prepared CDR report is presented, it shows that the competency of engineer is high.

It portrays the command of English and language in general

No matter how correct a CDR report has been written, it needs to have good English. Not all styles of writing are acceptable in CDR report writing of acceptable English in Australia can be used to assess the quality of the CDR report. There are higher chances of success and approval for the CDR report if the Australian acceptable English is used. This is a standard that has been set by a team of experts who validate the quality of CDR reports written.

It is required to help you get a prestigious engineering job in Australia

The dream of every engineer is to have a prestigious job at the end of their study period. More so, if an engineer gets an opportunity to work in Australia as a certified engineer, it means a lot to them. In this regard, so much of luxury, prestigious state of work, upgrading in the standards of living and high income are made a reality. This engineering prestigious job can become possible to get to all those who have good CDR reports. What the CDR does is to increase the chances of being accepted as a certified engineer.

With a good CDR report, you showcase that you are capable of delivering the services within your jurisdiction as an engineer with competence. Again, you portray the fact that you give attention to details and that nothing is left to chance. As all engineers agree and declare, the profession is an embodiment of competence, quality service delivery and giving attention to details. In this way, it is possible to have a job if the CDR report presented has all those qualities. Again, the job may come with other benefits like acquiring permanent residence in Australia.

“Best CDR Writing” a.k.a ( is your ultimate solution to get quality CDR, RPL and KA02 reports at an affordable prices. We take the responsibility of approving your CDR, RPL & KA02 reports from Engineers Australia, ACS and Engineers NewZealand. We are working in this business from the last 5 years. We are fulfilling the market need by providing quality services to the Engineers, who ever dreamed of settling in Australia or in NewZealand.

We always work closely with our Engineers, who are working as a partner with Our work is always plagiarism free and there is the surety of getting 100% approval if taking our services. We are charging for the quality which we are bringing with the reports. We are not only claiming but we also have results with over 1000+ Engineers. These Engineers got their entry in Australia because they avail our “CDR Writing” service for overcoming the hurdle of Engineers Australia assessment.

Note: We “Best CDR Writing” is an independent company. We are not recommended by any third party or service, specifically, Engineers Australia.

Top 5 tips to write Perfect Career Episodes

Career episodes should be written in first person.

They should showcase the active voice of the writer. The person who actually did the career episode should be the one responsible for drafting it.

Each paragraph should be written in the SS format.

They should appear like they are numbered from the top most to the last one. This is an acceptable format for writing career episodes in a perfect manner.

They should be about 1000-2500 words long.

The episodes should maintain the highest level of relevance. Being relevant in writing career episodes is important because it helps the writer to remain focused and objective. In this way, he can be able to deliver a technical observation that is relevant to the career episode in question.

They should showcase the knowledge and understanding of engineering.

The whole concept borrows heavily on engineering. When a writer is drafting career episodes, they should be sure to demonstrate the depth of understanding in engineering. Without deep knowledge in engineering, it is difficult to draft a perfectly acceptable career episode.

They should be worked on in a current state.

As aforementioned, the career episodes should be written in the active voice. They should be able to show that they are recent and their theme is current. A lot of factors have to be put into consideration but this one of maintaining an active voice should never be ignored.

Importance of CDR Reports to Australian immigration

They guarantee chances of success.

Having been written by experts who are highly competent, CDR reports guarantee a 100% rate of success when submitted to various places where they are needed.

They inspire originality.

As aforementioned, the CDR reports are professional done. All of them are unique and original. They are tested after writing and the results always show that that they are plagiarism-free. This inspires a sense of originality because not everyone can produce equal quality.

They promote the culture of engineering.

Engineering is the second name for most Australians. It is believed that the most qualified engineers in CDR report writing are Australian based. In fact, at the mention of CDR report writing, it clicks the mind of people that Australian based engineers are the best for the job. In this regard, engineering and its culture especially in Australia are highly glorified.

They are vital in spearheading quality delivery of services.

CDR writing can never be complete without a test of quality. All the standards of quality in CDR writing are highly observed and they help to improve that culture. Again, when the reporting wring is of high quality, it means that even the delivery of related services will be of high quality.

They are a source of pride to the Australian people.

CDR reports are Australian based. It is undoubtedly argued that Australians are the best people to write CDR reports. To those who are capable of doing these reports, it is something that gives them a sense of pride and belonging.


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We help Engineers to prepare their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) which they need to submit to Engineers Australia (EA) as a part of the Skill Assessment and Australian Immigration process.

We are an independent organisation with a highly professional team of Australia based CDR writers and engineers who help you to prepare the CDR report and write your Career Episodes – and get them right in your first attempt.

We have an astounding 99% CDR approval rate by Engineers Australia.

The brilliance of our team and their extensive experience in preparing CDR reports means that the entire process of coming up with the CPD list, preparing relevant Career Episodes, and writing the Summary Statement appropriately – all based on your inputs and your academic and industry experiences.

Done by a professional engineer.

There are different talented writers who can write all manner of reports. For CDR, the case is different because not every writer can do CDR. It requires that a professional engineer draft it and use their experience in the field of engineering to add value to it.

Audited for value threshold by engineering technologist.

It is easy to assume that a CDR report has been done and that a threshold of quality has been achieved. This assumption is decisive and may cause a lot of havoc when the CDR has been presented to fellow engineers as a final draft. To avoid this challenge, it is important to have a qualified technologist audit and validate the threshold of quality for the CDR report.

Demonstrate competence.

It is believed that engineers are masters of perfection. Everything done by engineers is supposed to showcase high-level discipline and competence. The same case applies to the writing of CDR reports. For one to achieve good quality, it has to demonstrate quality in every way.

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