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NT Statement

The Skilled Nominated Visas/Northern Territory Statement

There are a lot of skilled professionals who are looking for migration to Australia. Commitment Statement to the Northern Territory is actually for those individuals. They have high-income skills that are occupationally required in the Northern Territory of Australia. The occupations with high demand in this region are needed by the government of Australia. Northern Territory (NT) Statement can assist in completing one single-step towards achieving your dream. However, for any visa to be granted in pursuit of migration, the government of Australia has to intervene. It is the government that regulates the entry of these workers whose occupations are presumed to be on high demand in the Northern Territory. After application by workers, the government evaluates them and nominates the candidates of choice after which they are granted visas.

What is a 491 visa for the northern territory?

The Australian 491 visa is a new version granted by the country’s government. It allows highly skilled professionals to live in the country for a maximum period of five years in different local zones that are assigned to them. It is a provisional visa granted to skilled workers. It replaced the 489 visas, which existed for a long time.

Individuals who are planning to extend their stays or live longer in Australia can easily apply for a permanent living visa after they have successfully completed three years of the allotted work time in Australia. The authority for selecting an individual who has applied for a 491 visa strictly lies in the hands of the Australian government.

In order to further extend their stay, after they have been granted the 491 visas, they must apply to ask for a permanent resident after three years have passed. All the candidates should have an income range above fifty-four thousand dollars per year for three years.

What are the critical steps needed to apply for a 491 visa?

Here are the most crucial steps to make sure that your 491-visa application is surely granted without any hurdles. It is essential to be meticulous with each aspect of the application process, which are mentioned below:


A document holding all the assessment along with relevant skills that are assessed by the right authority for that document one has nominated is required. What are the steps to getting a skill assessment?

For this:

Some Other Important Points:

If you hold a passport from the countries mentioned below, then there is no need for the applicant to take a competent English test:

Note: A clear scanned document of the applicant’s spouse’s skill assessment test showcasing the relevant points. This can help the applicant to claim more points, which increases their chances of being granted the 491 visas, a letter written to showcase the applicant’s commitment to the northern territory.

The applicant accepts the nomination from the Australian northern territory government, they must agree to the conditions mentioned below:

The nomination is handed to the applicant by the Northern Territory government; they are required to sign the declaration. The entire statement of commitment should not be longer than two pages.

Applicants who are living in the Australian territory need to provide the following document:

In case the applicant has been living outside Australia, they must attach the following documents:

Other Documents:

Commitment to the Northern Territory (NT) Statement

The nomination done by the government of Australia is not the final step to start the migration and working. All the selected parties are required to make commitments that will favor both sides. These commitments which include Northern Territory (NT) Statement too are symbolic of the fact that nominated workers agree to operate within the set terms and conditions as proposed by the government of Australia. Some of these commitments include:

Notifying the government and providing state visa application: The government of Australia requires that the selected workers provide a visa for their state application. They can alternatively notify the government for the purposes of transparency.

Commit to issuing regular updates concerning contract details: It is required by the government of Australia that each member who was nominated be giving regular updates. There are a lot of details within the contract and the follow up is mutual. It is, therefore, a requirement that the parties involved issue constant updates that will enable the government to keep in touch with their activities and progress.

Being involved in all conducted surveys of NT by the government: From time to time, the government of Australia will conduct the Northern Territory survey to asses various factors known to the government. All the nominated workers for NT are required to actively participate in all the surveys because they are part of the program.

Be within your skilled occupation for at least 3 years: The nomination is exclusively for working at the Northern Territory. After nomination, the government requires that the nominees live and work in that region for at least 3 years consecutively. Thus, when preparing a Northern Territory Statement, it is required to add the intention to work at least 3 years in the region too. Moreover, a closely related occupation is also acceptable so long as the nominee lives in the Northern Territory and works there.

Occupation List for the NT (Northern Territory) Migration

To those who showcase their ability to adapt and add value to the Northern Territory, their chances of a nomination are very high. This point is also required to be highlighted in the Northern Territory (NT) Statement. They are required by the government of Australia to confirm their ability to add value through their occupation skills. Eligible skills are the number one factor that cuts through the line of selection. The more experienced a worker is in their occupation, the higher the chances they stand to add weight on their occupation list. The list is simple but yet very demanding. Some of the requirements include:

Commitment to live in the Northern Territory is a requirement. Whether the skilled worker is living in Australia or is an immigrant, it is required that they live in the Northern Territory. The nomination is meant to improve the NT and that requires them to work and live in NT.

Be experienced and have relevant skills. As aforementioned, the skills that are on high demand in NT of Australia are needed by the government. One of the qualifications is to have these skills and have the willingness to showcase them.

Northern Territory Residence Period

Evidence of NT residence for a period of time is a commitment. The minimum period of time that a nominated worker should live in NT is 3 years. The evidence of this residence should be issued to the government of Australia as part of constant updates.

Eligibility for NT (Northern Territory)

There are many applicants who are applying for visas to migrate to Australia for employment. Other skilled people are living in Australia and they express their interest to work in the Northern Territory. This makes the demand to work in the NT on high demand. The government of Australia has set certain measures as part of eligibility for the program of working in the NT. Some of these eligibility measures are as follows:

Be qualified in terms of basic requirements by the government: Before a visa is granted by the Australian government, a number of requirements have to be met. If they are met, the government will issue the visa to the applicant. Some of these requirements include contact details, the progress report prove of competence among other relevant pieces of information.

Be of good character: Character is an important requirement and for one to be nominated, they need it. Documents to prove good conduct and adherence to the rule of law are required.

Be healthy: Only healthy people are able to access visas to work in the NT of Australia. Health complications are red lights that can turn off the applicant’s interest to work in NT. Again, unhealthy people can affect the working environment and the surrounding people. They also don’t perform well when they are unhealthy.

Be a working age friendly: Only those who have attained a working age can be allowed to get visas for working at NT in Australia. Children cannot be allowed to work as it is constitutionally wrong. In the same way, very old people cannot be shortlisted because it may bring complications in the place of work. Only a healthy working age as prescribed by the government of Australia can be shortlisted to work in the Northern Territory.

Meet Requirements of getting a Permanent Visa

There are a lot of requirements that the government needs before a working visa can be granted. When a nominee is able to meet these requirements, it is possible to get a visa.

When preparing the documents for visa, there is also the requirement of filling the statutory declaration document as stated at NT Government website.

Northern Territory (NT) Statement
Statutory Declaration Requirements

Get Your Nomination from the Government Alone

There is no body in Australia that is responsible for issuing visa. If the visa does not come from the government, its validity is null and void. It is therefore important to ensure that the visa has been issued by the government itself.

Northern Territory (NT) Statement – Frequently Asked Questions

The authority might take six months to process the applicant. For students or working residents of the northern territory, it can take up to a month of processing.

Yes, it is as competitive as the 189 and the 190 visas.

Applicants who have applied online can easily track the application status as the northern territory authorities contact them or the applicant’s representative through messages or email from the portal.

The Northern territory authorities do not offer an invitation to the applicant directly from the specific skill set. After the applicant files in the Expression Of Interest or EOI, they are required to apply to the migration northern territory department for gaining a nomination for the visa by the northern territory government.

All foreign citizens can fill in the application to the northern territory government for nominations to 491 or 190 visas via the migration NT.

Order to go further with the nominations, the interested party must also meet all the eligibility requirements, including those of the Australian government department of home affairs.

Applicants who can provide a long-term commitment to the northern territory will be considered eligible for 190 permanent residence visas. However, this is not the case with 491 visas, as even non-residents of the country can also apply.

Advice on the nomination application prospect by the NT and what are the chances of successfully getting nominated.

Migration NT is unable to provide any relevant advice to increase the chances of getting nominated.

The migration NT department cannot help an applicant if the Department of home affairs denies their nomination application as they have full authority over the assessment and grant of all forms of visa in Australia.

The applicants must pay a total of three hundred dollars for both the 190 and 491 applications.

The application fees are entirely non-refundable. But if the applicant is overcharged or charged more than one time, then contacting the migration NT department will help.

In addition to the availability of more information, the applicant will also receive a receipt of the payment of the subjected application amount to their registered email ids.

In case any of the required documents are missing, the applicant will receive more information from the authorities along with a link to attach the documents.

  1. If the applicants are approved for a 491-visa nomination, they will receive an invitation from the Australian Department of home affair for further application.
  2. Holds true to another relevant visa too.
  3. An applicant needs to apply for the visa within three months or 60 days from the date of receiving the invitation. In case the individual fails to do so, the nomination is expired and cannot be processed further.

No extra documents are required to be submitted by the applicant if they are applying for both – the 491 visa and the 190 visas.

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