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CDR Report Writing | CDR Engineers Australia

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Being a country that harbors the world’s most unusual attractions like Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Sydney Opera House, and many more, Australia always behests for the best. So, when it comes to a skilled workforce, they tend to be meticulously selective.

Are you aspiring for a Skilled Migration Visa in this continent country? CDR or the Competency Demonstration Report is what comes in the picture when you are looking forward to an engineering job in your dream country.

Going by the literal meaning for the better understanding, it is an extensively written essay advocating or demonstrating your competencies to prove yourself worthy of such a skilled profession (Engineer) in a highly developed country. For the visible and demanding reasons of respect, the value of skill and job, demand, and, for financial satiety, Australia is in the hit list and the top priority of proficient Engineers. Being a top-notched hub of budding and prospective engineers trying to establish their nest in this techno-savvy world, their authority Engineers Australia (EA) demands this deemed competency report, CDR.

What is Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)?

It is a necessary technical documentation required for those individuals who are seeking immigration for Australia. As stated earlier, it is a vital requirement needed for Skilled Migration Visa. It is an essential tool for the applicant’s undergraduate qualification and the demonstration of their competencies.

Written in the form of an extended Australian English essay showcasing your knowledge and engineering skills, preparing a CDR Report can make a chill run across your spine. Surely, preparing of CDR report is time- consuming and tedious. Still, once you get an approval of the CDR EA, your level of ecstasy and complacency will balance everything. As an applicant, an engineer must know that the assessing authority CDR Engineers Australia (EA) tests your prowess and command in your field as per their standards. Your content should be plagiarism-free.

You need to be highly specific and precise in highlighting your competencies to work as a skilled Engineer in the country. The CDR Engineers Australia (EA) comprises of those personalities who have first-hand experience and expertise for gauging and analyzing the submitted CDR report. As it might be quite evident now; that your report should be; in accord with their laid specifications.

CDR Report Writing | CDR Engineers Australia

Why is CDR a necessity?

The CDR in countries like Australia presents people the opportunity to execute their knowledge and measure the competency in line with the standards of that country. These reports are assessed by professional engineers who have previously passed the assessment themselves. They are unique and intellectual people who have direct experience in creating a CDR report that stands up to the expectation.

Each CDR report consists of three set sections:

There are three essential sections of the CDR report that decide whether it’ll pass further examination or not.

A. Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Fulfills the need for professional engineers to keep up with the latest information. The format of a CPD is as follows:

The CPD should be submitted in the form of an elaborate table. It mentions different conferences and seminars that the applicant has participated in. To formulate a CPD, one must be well acquitted with the developmental engineering topic.

B. Career Episodes:

Unlike the summary statement, this is a somewhat more extensive section. It mentions all the competencies and qualifications that any chosen engineering niche requires. It is essential to write an authentic report rather than copying other materials. It is a way for the authorities to judge if an individual is competent enough or not. The four sections are divided into different episodes.

C. Summary Statement:

Also known as SS, it is the most challenging part of the elite CDR. Lengthwise, it is of a single page. At the end of the report, one must write the manner and resources of the career episode section. It is basically an AA report on three career reports described with brevity. It is a document consisting of different cross-references of different career episodes. For every occupation, there is a different method to write a summary statement.

The four categories in which one can apply are:

1. Professional Engineer

An engineering professional should be skilled enough to handle projects and other programs that benefit the world around locally or on a much broader basis. They should be aware of factors like; costs, risks, and other projects, as they are always dealing with different stakeholders. There is a need for them to be able to understand the programs both technically and theoretically to bring about smoother functioning.

2. Engineering Technologist

this is a comparatively streamlined field. Such professionals only deal with subjects of technology and are expected to be aware of the current and new technologies.

3. Engineering Associate

Often called paraprofessionals in countries like Australia. They are knowledgeable in more theoretical fields, such as the code of ethics. They are known to have a secure backup of re-engineering science. They can open their own organizations or move to higher roles in the management department.

4. Engineering Manager

They have a more tactical job. They are responsible for all the behind the scene tactics, policies, and plans. They require an experience worth three years to be able to apply for a job in this field.

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Documents needed to be attached along with a CDR

CDR Writing

CDR Writing

The following are the steps which should be primarily followed to build a sound and compiled CDR Report.

Personal Information:

A chronological and detailed curriculum vitae (CV) along with a recent passport size photograph and ID proof is the first attachment of your CDR report. A CV in-biding a complete record of both the activity and inactivity period needs to be mentioned within three A4 size pages. Title of the position, along with a brief description of operations performed, organization name, it’s location, and period of employment, should also be mentioned. An essential element to be noted here is that you need to provide the evidence of your competency in English through your score of TOEFL, IELTS, or PET Academics.

Application information:

Under this domain, you are supposed to provide information regarding the engineering occupation you are seeking an assessment. If applicable, evidence of professional registration should be provided.


The name of the university in which you were enrolled, along with an official degree certificate, should be provided here. In case you have other additional qualifications and participation certificates of any formal education program, the relevant information and evidence must be attached here.


As one would expect, this category demands illustration of your work and the gained experience. Reference letter from the employer, your joining date, your position in the company, and the termination date of employment are mentioned here. All these are required in the form of proper documents for evidence. Your work experience matters significantly in the assessment of your CDR Report. Hold in mind that precision and clarity while elaborating the specifications are most urged here.

The CDR Report:

As stated earlier, this section includes Continuing Professional Development (CPD), 3 Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement.

Some Other Important Terms:

✓ Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Here you need to elaborate on how to keep yourself updated regarding future developments after your undergraduate degree. Detailing of the conferences attended where you delivered your paperwork, engineering programs, symposium, workshops, technical meetings, or any other short courses undertaken by the applicant are mentioned here.

Mentioning any functional innovation would prove to be a cherry on the cake. The inclusion of a certificate from some of the courses will be helpful. The gravity of this section is quite substantial because knowledge is dynamic; Expansion of knowledge, and its application is the need for advancement.

✓ Career Episode:

This considers your education and work experience. As directed, three career episodes are to be included. The base of this section is based on the educational task undertaken, and the technical problem addressed and solved.

The applicant must frame three paragraphs, file each of the career episodes. Through this, the CDR Engineers Australia (EA) aims to find how perfectly you have embellished your journey of work after your under- graduation.

✓ Summary Statement:

There’s a format for filling the summary statement in each of the four categories, and an applicant desires to apply for it.

Your professional knack would outshine only when you hold the power of representation. The other essential key points to be noted while writing a good CDR Report are:

✓ Clarity of expression.

✓ High level of information but with minimal blabbering.

✓ Use of Australian English.

✓ Staying tuned with the guidelines given in the MSA Booklet released by EA.

✓ No plagiarism. The Engineers Australia (EA) is very strict about laid ethics. They appreciate the elaboration of only personal skills.

✓ Discriminate between relevancy and irrelevancy. Include only what essential and needed.

Useful Tips on Writing a Successful CPD:

A CPD is an in-depth study of the individual’s awareness of things like technical development and the skills in other fields of work related to engineering. The purpose of a CPD is to highlight your skills as much as possible. Wise selection and relevant material make an excellent CPD.

What are the reasons behind the rejection of a CDR?

When the episode report; consists of an overwhelming number of tables or diagrams, missing the description of the code of ethics and the guidelines present of the website.

The career report should be written in a crisp and direct format. The text, in summary, should be able to encase all the elements mentioned as necessary for a statement summary.

Online Application Process for CDR Engineers Australia:

After you are prepared with this CDR Report, read the MSA Online Application User’s Guide to make sure that your submission process is correct.

The prerequisite for the online application is the EA ID number. For registration and subsequent password generation, you need myPortal. After logging in, pay the application fees and fill in the details in the ‘Migration Skills Assessment’ section and upload the required documents and certificates. After the successful submission of the application, you will receive a confirmation mail.

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