CDR Sample for Civil Engineer (ANSZCO: 233211)

CDR Report Sample for Civil Engineer

It is everyone’s dream to move to Australia especially for work purposes. Becoming a civil engineer and getting a chance to work in Australia is every Engineer’s dream. However, not everyone can make it to Australia. There are many things that one must keep into consideration before applying to Australia. Due to immense competition, one must acquire the best skill set and the most outstanding CDR report for getting skilled migration to Australia. Engineers Australia is the official authority that checks the CDR Report of every individual applying for skill migration to Australia. This report determines if you are skilled and professional enough to work as a civil engineer in Australia. If you are good enough then most likely you will get selected. However one must know ways of writing the best CDR Report Sample for Civil Engineer.


Writing a good CDR Report is often a challenge as many people fail to write a professional CDR Report. Going through the CDR Report Sample for Civil Engineer will truly help you write the most authentic CDR Report. This will also help you check all the necessary information that you have to write in your CDR Report. If your CDR writing is good you will most likely get selected by EA for skilled migration. The skilled migration is a permit that will allow you to work as a Civil Engineer in Australia.


Being a Civil Engineer means that you are lucky enough to get a job in Australia very easily since there is a high demand for Civil Engineers in Australia. Australia has always been the most preferred country to work in. Therefore writing a good CDR Report is crucial.


One of the most popular branches of Engineering in Civil Engineering. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering which is further divided into numbers sub-disciplines:

Materials engineering

Environment engineering

Structural engineering

Urban engineering

Hydraulics and water resources engineering

Coastal engineering

Structural engineering


The authority that assesses the CDR Report of every individual is Engineers Australia. EA will analyze your CDR Report in depth. A professional CDR Report will help you get the skilled migration to Australia. Mentioning all the skills, qualifications, and achievements in the CDR Report is mandatory. This CDR writing will determine whether or not you will be able to go to work in Australia as a Civil Engineer. You can go through the CDR Report Sample for Civil Engineer for writing the best CDR report Australia.

Another thing that you must keep in mind while writing a CDR Report is that it is crucial to write the CDR report professionally. Make sure to add all the required information in the correct order. This will help you get approval from the Engineers Australia. Writing a professional, result and the research-oriented and well-structured report will truly help you get the skilled migration that you have been dreaming of.

Civil engineer CDR Report sample

Nowadays you’ll see young graduates planning to move to Australia for work opportunities. A large percentage of these individuals are based on Engineers. You have to be fortunate enough to get skilled migration to Australia if your CDR Report isn’t good. Therefore it is a must to have a good CDR Report with authentic information related to one’s qualification and skills.

How can assist with Civil Engineer CDR Report


While writing a CDR report it is important to include the following three points:

Career episode

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Summary Statement

Civil engineer Career episode

Career episode is an important part of the CDR Report. It presents an individual’s skill set. A professional Career episode determines your market worth and if you are capable of getting a good job in Australia. Career episode determines if you are worthy enough to work as a civil engineer in Australia. People often forget how important it is to have a professional Career episode with all the authentic information related to one’s skills, internships, and qualifications.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is linked with the individual’s professional experience. It is crucial to have outstanding CPD. A good CPD includes:

Course of the professional training

Date of professional training

Duration of professional training

Location of professional training

Summary statement

In a summary statement, an individual mentioned a summarized report of his/her skill set and valuable information related to Career episode in the form of digits, numbers, and units.


Useful tips on writing a successful CDR


If you want to get selected by Engineers Australia you must write a professional CDR Report. People are often qualified enough but still lack the knowledge and skills to write a professional CDR Report Australia. For such individuals, it is important to work on CDR writing. A good CDR Report must include authentic information related to one’s qualifications, skills, and achievements.

Always make the CDR Report Professional by using professional language

The CDR Report must include authentic information related to one’s skills and achievements.

Do not use copied material in your CDR report

Make sure your CDR Report is original

Follow the word limit of 1000-2500 words

CDR Report must be unique


Job duties of the Civil Engineer


Design and plan the construction projects

Improve, create and protect the environment

Oversee construction and maintenance of buildings

Build infrastructure such as roads, buildings, airports, bridges, dams

Design work projects

Complex calculations

Managing project budget and resources

Supervising the projects


The online application process for CDR Engineers Australia


After writing the CDR Report you can go MSA Online Application User’s Guide to check that you have mentioned all the necessary information in your CDR Report and that it is up to the required standard.


If you want to submit an online application you will require an Engineers Australia ID number. You will need myPortal for registration. After logging in you must pay the application fee and mention the details that are required in the Migration Skills assessment section. Upload the required documents and the application will be successfully submitted.


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