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Those individuals who want to move to Australia and want to start their careers in ICT related fields will have to provide RPL Report to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It is a Report that is needed to assess the skills and knowledge of an individual who wants to start his/her career in the ICT field or similar fields in Australia. Without the RPL Report the individual won’t be able to work in Australia as an ICT Professional. Therefore the person must take RPL assessment.

When it comes to writing an RPL Report it is important to be aware of its purpose. Recognition to Prior Learning (RPL) Report is required to assess the skills and knowledge of individuals to see if the specific individual processes knowledge equivalent to ICT education. Those who have sufficient knowledge and skills will be granted the work permit by ACS. This entire process requires proper knowledge and understanding. It is mandatory to go through the instructions related to writing the RPL Report so that you don’t make any mistakes during the process. Getting approved by ACS will provide you the opportunity to work in Australia as an IT professional. So it is important to have a thorough understanding of the RPL Report.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Report

The RPL Report is the type of Report that assesses the skills and knowledge of an individual migrating to Australia. This Report is for individuals who do not have ICT education. Therefore such individuals must go through RPL assessment. Those individuals who do not have ICT knowledge will need to have at least six years of work experience to become eligible to go through RPL assessment.

Through understanding and skills are required to write the best RPL Report. Every individual applying for RPL must possess professional communication skills and sufficient knowledge to present a worthy Recognition of Prior Learning Report. It is always better to take the help of a professional who has enough experience related to the writing outstanding RPL Report.

What to write in an RPL Report?

When it comes to writing an RPL Report there are two distinct sections. In section 1 the individual present’s information related to his/her knowledge and qualification. In section 1 the individual must provide information related to his/her skills, qualification, and career. The individual is also required to mention any work experience that he/she has or any particular skills that the individual has acquired over the years related to his qualification and work.

In Section 2 the individual has to provide 2 RPL Project Reports. In each project Report the individual must describe his/her work experience as an ICT Professional. This section is related to the professional work experience of an individual in the ICT related career. If an individual doesn’t provide information in his/her Project Reports then his/her Project Reports will simply be rejected by ACS.

How can help you with Recognition Prior Learning Report

Every individual must write a professional RPL Report to get skilled migration to Australia. This work permit will enable you to work as an ICT Professional in Australia without any limits. This is only possible if your RPL Report is Professional and worthy enough to be accepted by ACS. You can make this happen by choosing for getting professional assistance in writing the best RPL Report. Not only that your RPL Report will be according to the set guidelines but also it will only contain original and valuable information as per set instructions.

Most of the individuals tend to copy information from the internet because they think the knowledge they acquire is inadequate regarding the RPL guidelines. This leads to plagiarism in the RPL Report which leads to a bad impression on the leader or the authority members. Most of the plagiarism cases get rejected by ACS. Plagiarized Report is also considered to fake or unoriginal regardless of the amount of information you have mentioned in it. Therefore it is always better to avoid plagiarism in your RPL Report.

Advantages of preparing a professional RPL Report

Not many people are aware of this but writing a professional RPL Report gives you an edge over other candidates and most likely you will get accepted by ACS. When you are writing an RPL Report there is always uncertainty if you acquire sufficient knowledge and skills. Going through the Recognition of Prior Learning assessment will help you recognize if you possess professional skills and knowledge or you need to work on your skills a little more.

If you do not possess sufficient skills the RPL Report will help you identify the weak points so that you can work on them to improve your educational and work profile. Many people have benefited from this and it surely helps in the long run. The RPL Report helps you identify the ICT related career that is the best suited for you. Many people think that ICT is a Career for them but in reality they are good at something else. The best thing to do is to go through the RPL Report assessment to analyze your knowledge and skills. This greatly helps improve the weaker points.

Apply for RPL Report assessment

When it comes to applying for the RPL Report assessment you need to go through the set guidelines of ACS. This will provide you details related to skilled migration to Australia and the instructions you need to follow for the application process. Before you start the application process the individual must check their occupation category in the ANZSCO code instruction manual.

After checking the occupational category, click on the official website of ACS where you will find the application form for the RPL Report. Fill in the required details in the application form. The candidates who do not have sufficient ICT knowledge can still apply if they have at least six years of relevant work experience. After filling the application form it is mandatory for the individual it follows the below-mentioned steps to become eligible for RPL assessment by ACS:

Online ACS skills assessment

An individual applying for RPL Report must go through the online ACS skills assessment. This will help analyze if the individual has sufficient knowledge and skills or not.

PTE Examination

Once your knowledge and skills are thoroughly assessed the individual is required to take the PTE examination.

Submit EOI result

The next step is to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI). If you are a skilled person who wants to move to Australia then you must provide EOI details.

PCC and Medical

If you get the ITA you will then have to provide a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and get your medical tests done. The person must get their medical tests down especially if they want to migrate to Australia from overseas.

Visa fee

There is a specific visa fee that the individual will have to pay to apply for RPL assessment.

Points to keep in mind while writing RPL Report

While writing the RPL Report the individual needs to write the Report according to the set guidelines provided by the ACS. All the details that you provide in the RPL must be original. Make sure to provide authentic details related to any work-related project that you have worked on. In the RPL Report you must provide information related to different projects that you managed or any professional work in which you used your skills and techniques to overcome the issue. It is important to mention such details in the RPL Report.

If you worked for a specific organization or a company it is important to mention details related to that company and your contribution to their projects and work. Any new skill that you acquired during your professional work or important information that you learned during your work experience should also be mentioned.

Things to avoid in RPL Report

When you are writing a Report on a professional Report you must not make any mistakes and strictly follow the guidelines provided by the ACS for writing the RPL Report. Your RPL Report must not have any sort of plagiarism. If you copy an RPL sample from the internet it will easily be detected by the ACS authorities. Many people have been rejected by ACS because of plagiarism in their RPL Report.

Providing original and authentic information with original documents should always be the process to follow.

Another thing to avoid while writing your RPL Report is too much information. Never stuff your RPL Report with extra or irrelevant information because it is not going to take you anywhere. Instead of this, always prefer to provide information as per the demand. This will help avoid rejection by ACS.

Final words

RPL Report stands for Recognition of Prior Learning Report that helps assess the skills and knowledge of an individual who wants to move to Australia to work as an ICT Professional. The individual must prepare the RPL Report as per the set guidelines of ACS.

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